H. Campus Disruptions

       Free speech and peaceable assembly are basic requirements of the University as a center for free inquiry and the search for knowledge and insight. These rights involve a concurrent obligation on the part of all members of the University to maintain on the campus an atmosphere conducive to scholarly pursuits and to respect the rights of all individuals.

       Demonstrations and the distribution of leaflets, statements, or petitions therefore are permitted on the campus unless, or until, they disrupt regular and essential operations of the University or significantly infringe the rights of others. On the same grounds, the campus is open to speakers whom students or Faculty wish to hear and to recruiters for agencies and organizations in whom student or Faculty have an interest.

       It is a violation of these policies for a member of the Faculty, staff, or student body to prevent the orderly conduct of a University function or activity, such as lectures, meetings, interviews, ceremonies, and public events; or block the legitimate activities of any person on the campus or in any University building or facility. Activities which exceed these guidelines, if persisted in after due warning, will subject the participants to disciplinary and, if need be, legal action.

       The University cannot be content merely to tolerate inquiry and discussion; it has an obligation to ensure and protect them.